Housing Rates

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Housing Rates

Cost per person/per semester – Residence hall rooms are fully furnished and include laundry, cable, internet access and a Micro-Fridge.

Residence HallsDoubleTriplePrivate
Colby (All Female), Clark, Foster, Milton Daniel (Honors), Moncrief, Sherley, Waits$4,040$4,040$4,415
The Common Halls
Carter, King, Samuelson, Wright
Suites range from singles to quads
Worth Hills Halls
Marion, PE Clark, Hays
*Shared bedrooms in PE Clark only
Fraternity/Sorority Halls
*Fraternity halls do not have a micro-fridge inside the room
Private Room
(Fraternity halls only)
Apartment Private Room$4,855
Apartments-Grand Marc
1 Bed/1 Bath$5,515
2 Bed/2 Bath$5,415
3 Bed/3 Bath$5,215
4 Bed/4 Bath$5,040
Tom Brown/Pete Wright
4 Bed/2 Bath$4,650
(JR/SR Only)
2 Bed/2 Bath$4,300
Village East
(JR/SR Only) Cable and internet not included
2 Bed/2 Bath$5,300
3 Bed/3.5 Bath$5,100
5 Bed/5 Bath$5,200