Diversity Statement

Housing and Residence Life celebrates students and staff from all backgrounds and experiences. Our vision and belief are that through education on the multifaceted aspects of diversity, we can create respectful, accepting, and open communities.

As our department develops programs, processes, and policies for our residential community, we will strive to meet the following goals:

  • Our students learn and are educated about diversity and social responsibility by living in our communities.
  • All community members have a comfortable space or venue to express their feelings so that every voice is heard.
  • Our communities operate under the belief that there is beauty in our differences, and those differences are celebrated.
  • Our staff members will be open-minded and serve as resources to all students.
  • Each community member will feel welcomed, valued, and safe in their residential community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Timeline for Housing and Residence Life

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Events

The TCU Language House offers students a unique, immersive opportunity to improve their language skills and learn about Francophone, Chinese, Italian, and German cultures.

Tunnel of Oppression
Housing and Residence Life, in collaboration with other Student Affairs Offices, hosts the bi-annual Tunnel of Oppression event. Over 1,000 Horned Frogs visit various exhibits sponsored by our students featuring different aspects of oppression.

Human Library
Housing and Residence Life hosts the bi-annual Human Library event. Several students, faculty, and staff members volunteer their time and their stories in an effort to show the different lived experiences that exist here on TCU’s campus. Hundreds of Horned Frogs visit the library to schedule a time with one or many of these individuals to hear their stories and learn from their narratives.