Frequently Asked Questions Fall 2020


No, TCU will still have double rooms and some triple rooms. All of our rooms will be occupied as they were designed to be used.

Our housekeeping team will continue to clean all common areas daily, including extra cleaning of the high touch areas. In addition, there will be extra disinfecting this year in all halls.

No, suite bathrooms are still the responsibility of the students.

TCU will ask the positive student to isolate for the recommended number of days. If that student lives in a double occupancy room, we will move them to a room where they can isolate. Students who live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit will isolate in their room, and one of the bathrooms will be designated for the positive student. Roommates and others who have been in close contact with the sick student will be asked quarantine and monitor for symptoms for a period of 14 days. Visit the Health Center’s website for more information.

TCU Housing will provide meals delivered to the student room, assist with laundry and any other needs during the isolation time period. Students will work with a Care Coordinator to help them inform professors and arrange for virtual classwork while in isolation.

Yes, we are still planning to do all of the fun community-building activities we always do, but following TCU guidelines related to physical distancing and other precautions.

Yes, there will be limits on how many students can be in a room at one time, and guests will need to wait outside the residence hall for students or in the lobby.

We have provided extra training for housekeepers related to COVID-19. All of our student staff, Resident Assistants and Desk Assistants, will receive training on COVID-19 as well. Furniture layout in all lounges and study rooms have been evaluated and will be set up to promote physical distancing. Students will be required to wear face coverings when outside of their rooms. Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in all halls, and students will be supplied with disinfecting wipes in order to wipe down surfaces in their rooms. There are other measures for our internal operations, and we will regularly seek to keep students educated on what we know about preventing the spread of COVID-19. TCU’s guidance and protocols are subject to change based on local and state guidelines and recommendations from the CDC.

We hope this will not happen, but if it does, students will receive a pro-rated credit after they move items completely out of their room.

Yes, there will likely be a sign up process, but students who need to be on campus after Thanksgiving will be allowed in their rooms.

Sorority move-in will be August 11-16 and Fraternity move-in will be August 13-16. All residents have received their predetermined move-in time. For any changes or other assistance, please visit to modify your predetermined move-in time.

No. In an effort to manage physical distancing, we will not hire or allow any movers on-campus.

We recommend as few as possible; one to two people is ideal, but we understand that some students may need more assistance.

No, rooms will stay set as designed. Facility occupancy remains 25 for the fraternity halls and 35 for the sorority halls, with the exception of Delta Delta Delta with 37 beds.

We are working with Housing and Residence Life and Facilities staff to determine the workflow for cleaning and sanitizing spaces. Students will be responsible for maintaining their own bedroom and suite spaces, including suite/apartment style bathrooms and kitchens.

For any additional questions, please visit, email us at or call 817-257-7865.  As more information becomes available, we will update our website, social media, and the FAQs.


Yes. Log on to to view other available days and times. Please note that some days and timeslots will be full.

We have years of experience getting students moved in and we know that if arrivals are not staggered each day, the lines and wait times become extremely long. Our goal, especially this year, is to minimize crowds, long lines and wait times. Therefore, we limit the number of students who can move in at any one timeslot.

Yes. We did not assign students to those days, but you may follow the process above and change to one of those days.

The three-hour timeslots are designed to stagger your arrival on campus and check in. Once you are checked in and and have unloaded your car, you may take as long as you like to get things moved and to get settled in your room.

You may arrive any time after your timeslot begins, just not before. So if you have an 8 a.m. timeslot, you may arrive at 9 or 9:45, for example. In fact, the lines may move quicker then.

No. Anyone who arrives early will be directed to wait in another parking lot until your timeslot begins. If you arrive early, you will still need to go through the check in line. It is the only way to get your ID and access to your room. This ensures a smooth process for ALL students.

There are a few groups with early move-in days, and we will send separate instructions to those limited number of students. Please tell your student to check their TCU email.

We’d recommend as few as possible; one to two people is ideal, to help ensure social distancing. If you truly need more people, we understand.

Yes, and it is important for you to unload them quickly and return them so they are available for other families.

We will not have movers, nor will we allow any movers access to our halls this year. In order to minimize the number of people on campus to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all, please plan to move things in yourself.


Meal plans will begin August 10 and run through November 24.

No. All meals will be served to students. This includes the salad bar, desserts and other stations.


Seating will be available but we will follow state and county guidelines for allowable occupancy.

Yes, though we will have outdoor seating options if allowable.


Yes. We will also ask students to use the hand sanitizer as they enter Market Square.

We plan to offer as many different menu options as possible. If we have to go to a strictly to-go plan, there will be some limitations to menus to allow for a reasonable speed of service. In all cases we will have options to meet a wide variety of dietary needs and to provide meal options for any student who has food allergies.

We will still maintain our regular hours, but there will be periods of time between meal periods (breakfast – lunch – dinner) where menus may be limited so that we can do deep cleaning.

We plan to keep all our locations open, so long as we do not have to go to a take out ONLY model. If this is the model we have to follow, we may need to close some locations, or have limited hours at those locations.

We have always had a cleaning team and we plan to add to it this fall. As mentioned above we will do more deep cleaning, constant wiping down and disinfecting of hard surfaces.

Like all TCU employees, dining staff will be asked to review a personal checklist before coming to work. Temperature checks, monitoring contact with others, required face coverings, hand washing and use of gloves will all be part of the measures taken by the staff.