First-Year Housing Application & Room Selection FAQs

May 1 at 8:00am (CDT) through June 10 at 8:00am (CDT). There is no rush to submit your application as long as it is complete during this timeframe.

Student must log into, click on student services, click on housing portal, and then select Housing/Dining Application from the housing portal menu. Please verify the student is in StarRez (meaning they have paid the enrollment deposit) and that they have a 22/23 FY classification under the Membership tab. You can also impersonate that person in PortalX to see what they see. If that doesn’t work, please let Mindy/Missy/Keith know so we can troubleshoot further.

Your TCU email is the official communication method, so all information will be sent there. If you wish to forward that information to a parent or friend, you may do so.

You and your preferred roommate(s) must have a completed Housing/Dining Application on-file and then one of you will return to the Roommate Group section of the application and follow the instructions. The person that creates the roommate group will be the Group Leader.

Verify that student has a complete application.

Verify you are searching with the correct spelling of their official name (no middle names or nicknames).

Verify they have not already created or joined a roommate group. People can only be a member of one roommate group at a time. If they are part of a different group, they must leave that group before joining another group. You cannot be a member of multiple roommate groups.

All incoming Honors students are expected to live in Milton Daniel. Any exceptions to the Honors housing requirement must go through the Honors department. Please contact them at 817-257-7125.

You will get an auto-email confirmation to your TCU email inbox once your application is complete. You may also log into the Housing/Dining Application and view the Application Status page. You may also view messages on your housing portal by clicking the three vertical lines once you login.

The Roommate Group Leader has the ability to pick housing for themselves and each group member OR you all may log in and search availability and communicate with each other about what room you want the group leader to pick.

We are unable to alter room selection timeslots; however, you can log on once your timeslot begins until we close the portal at 3:00pm (CDT) on June 25. If you are unsuccessful, you can submit a waitlist once it opens on July 1 at 10:00am if you wish to submit updated preferences or our staff will assign you based on your original application.

Yes, all incoming first-year students are guaranteed on-campus housing.

No, TCU has a two-year residency requirement, so you will be required to live on-campus for your freshman and sophomore years.

Yes, if they live within 30 miles from campus and we receive this notarized Commuter Request Form, we will waive the two-year residency requirement for you.

A: Look to see if they have already been assigned.
B: No Application
C: Incomplete Application
**If they have not been assigned and have a completed housing application with NO room selection timeslot – let Missy or Mindy know ASAP**

Incomplete Application

Complete Application

Yes, we can delete this assignment and you’ll need to start over in the room selection process; however, we cannot guarantee the space you want will be open and we cannot “hold” this space for you.

Have the Roommate Group leader go back one step and select all spaces and then move forward to assign themselves and their group members.

Please send your cancellation request to and include your Name, TCU ID# and reason for cancellation.

Yes! The waitlist will open on July 1 at 10:00am (CDT) on the housing portal.

Incoming first-year students are required to keep the Ultimate Flex 19, which is indicated on the Housing/Dining Application.

The Housing/Dining Application will reopen on July 1 at 10:00am (CDT) after the Room Selection process ends. We will email students when it reopens.

Yes, all students who will live on-campus must submit the Housing Application. This must be done for you to be assigned to your athletic housing space. Athletics will NOT fill this out for you!

We will email students and post them to our website when move-in details are finalized.