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TCU Housing Video Competition

TCU Housing Video Competition

People Around Us, Places That Connect Us

Theme: People Around Us, Places That Connect Us
What creates community at TCU?  How is community reflected? Who are the people or places that signal community for you.  The submitted video should capture the essence of community at TCU.  It should reflect the people, places, landmarks, or simply a story that reflects the sense of community at TCU. Simply put, the video should be whatever best tells the story or describes for you community at TCU.

The contest is open to current TCU students. Entries may be submitted as individuals or as a team. The team must be no larger than four (4) students.

Competition Period
The “People Around Us, Places that Connect Us” video competition commences on Monday, October 3, 2016, at 8:30 a.m. (Central Time) and concludes on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 11:59 PM (Central Time), hereafter referred to as the “contest period.” All entries must be submitted by the contest deadline. Late entries will not be eligible for awards.

Contest Managers and Judges
Contest managers are from the TCU faculty and staff. Judges are selected from the TCU faculty.

Entry information and Contest Rules

  • Videos must be two to four (2-4) minutes, plus any credits.
  • All entries must be the original work of the student team and must adhere to all copyright laws.
  • Submitted videos will be judged on the following criteria: video quality, visual appeal, appropriateness, creativity, and depiction of community at TCU.
  • Entries can be previously produced work for a course at TCU but must meet the length requirements stated above.
  • Videos with animation are acceptable.
  • Please use first names or pseudonyms of any persons appearing in the video.
  • Entries should be submitted on-line at or a link to the video posted in the student’s Box account by 11:59 PM on November 7, 2016. Entries must be accompanied by a release form which can be obtained here.
  • The contest managers will be responsible for awarding the prizes to the winning entrants. The contest managers reserve the right to substitute a prize with one of equal or greater value if the original prize becomes unavailable for any reason.
    • 1st Prize: $700 campus cash
    • 2nd Prize: $400 campus cash
    • 3rd Prize: $200 campus cash
  • Teams of all submitted entries will receive $25.00 per person in campus cash (maximum $100/team).
  • Entries must not be inappropriate, indecent, or obscene as determined by the Contest Managers. The decision of the contest judges and managers is final and there shall be no appeal. The winning video(s), as well as strong non-winners, may be featured on TCU web sites, in publications, and for other university uses.

Videos that do not satisfy all the foregoing criteria will not be considered in the contest, even if they are submitted before the submission deadline.  

All videos submitted, whether as a winning entry or not, will become the property of TCU Housing and may be used, published or republished, in whole or in part, royalty free, in any printed or electronic media and in promotional material, including recruitment and online publications. By sending your videos in for consideration, you provide TCU Housing with exclusive ownership of the video and allow TCU to use your likeness, and the likeness of any persons appearing in the video, in TCU related publications both electronic and print.

All entrants must, at the time of submission, be the sole authors and owners of the copyright of all videos entered into the contest. Upon entry, all rights in and to the videos become the exclusive property of Skidmore College, including all intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyright. TCU has the right to use the video as it chooses, including the right to use the video, or any portion of that video, in TCU printed or online publications. TCU reserves the right to alter the video in any manner deemed necessary for use in any promotional pieces.

All entries must be original, unpublished, and created solely by the submitting entrant(s) and not violate the intellectual property rights, copyright, or right of property of any third party. Copyrighted materials will not be accepted unless specific permission for the use of such material can be shown. Videos which have been entered into other contests, or have been published elsewhere (newspapers, magazines, online, etc.) are not eligible.

Release Forms
All entrants are required to submit release forms upon submission of their video. A release form is available by clicking here and downloading a pdf file, and must be filled out by any individual appearing in the submitted video. Any video submitted without release forms shall be ineligible for consideration by the contest managers.