Off-Campus Living

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Explore different off-campus housing options near TCU using the College Pads Off-Campus Housing Marketplace.

This platform provides various filters, including the number of beds, bathrooms, cost, and amenities. It also provides additional resources such as a TCU map, TCU Bike Share, and an Off-Campus Housing Brochure.

*** For details on off-campus living, including tips to make the transition smoothly, be sure to read the  Off-Campus Brochure. ***

TCU Housing Off-Campus Living Guide

Students who live within a 30-mile radius of TCU with a parent or legal guardian are eligible to commute from home. Please follow the steps below to complete your commuter request form.

  1. Go to and enter your username and password
  2. Click the Student Services tile
  3. Click Housing Portal
  4. Click Forms in the purple menu bar
  5. Choose the Commuter Request Form

Complete, notarize, and upload your Commuter Request Form (accessible in the Housing Portal) and wait for written approval from the Housing & Residence Life team.

Leibrock Village houses graduate students in programs other than those at Brite Divinity School when space permits. For more information, please contact the director, Erin Houchin, via email or visit their website.