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Housing License

Community Living

We want your on-campus living experience to be enjoyable and memorable. The following policies and procedures help to ensure a positive community living experience.

Lounge Solicitations and Reservation Policies

Maintenance, Phones, Data, and Cable TV Policies

Student Handbook – Residence Hall policies

TBPW Commons Building Reservation

Safety and Security

We care deeply for student well-being. The following procedures include fire safety, fire alarm evacuation, residence hall exterior doors, suspicious persons, tornado safety, and contacting TCU police.

Student Well-Being Policies


Off-Campus Living

The Housing and Residence Life office in PE Clark Hall has many resources for students looking for homes off-campus. We provide students with some tools to assist them in finding a place that will maximize their enjoyment in their new living experience. Currently, there is limited housing on campus for TCU juniors and seniors. However, there is a range of off-campus housing close to campus to fit students’ needs. Please visit our office for all available information or visit this page:  TCU Announce-Rental/Roommates.  Note: TCU Announce is only available to current TCU students, Faculty and Staff.

For details on off-campus living, including tips to make the transition smoothly, be sure to read the  Off-Campus Brochure.

Leibrock Village houses graduate students in programs other than those at Brite Divinity School when space permits. For more information, please contact the director, Erin Houchin, via email or visit their website.

Care Package Program

Housing and Residence Life has partnered with Our Campus Market (OCM) to provide parents the option and convenience of purchasing care packages for their students. We know that parents have multiple options to choose from, and this program is just one of the many offered. care-package

Parents will receive letters stating how to order care packages that will deliver to student TCU PO boxes. Parents may place their order by mail or online by visiting

For more information about this program, please contact the Housing and Residence Life office at 817-257-7865 or email

For questions about orders, please get in touch with OCM at 1(866)847-7365.

Laundry Program

TCU Housing and Residence Life has partnered with University Laundry to provide a convenient alternative to traditional campus laundry. Students may opt-in to the program by visiting  Read below for more information about the service.

Using Your Service at TCU

A: TCU has a laundry service for students, staff and faculty. The program includes Bundled Service (wash/dry/fold/package by hand) and Campus Cleaners (dry-clean or launder and press, return on hangers).

A: This service is for all machine-washable clothes-sheets, towels, underclothes, shirts, pants, etc. Items are washed, dried, folded and packaged. Students choose Annual or Semester Bundled Plans of 10, 20, or 30 lbs. per week.

A: Our 10-step process treats your clothes with the meticulous care they receive at home! All clothes are sorted into whites, medium and darks. Our wash products are rated #1 by Consumer Reports for best cleaning, fabric care, and color guard. Our detergents have biodegradable surfactants (active agents) free of harmful phosphates. Dermatologist tested, our suds are friendly to even the most sensitive skin. The process is clean and green.

A: Start with the 20 lb Plan; it’s the most popular. The average weekly weight is 15-20 lbs. If you’re an athlete or simply wear more clothes than average, the 30 lb Plan is for you. If you take the majority of your wardrobe to the Campus Cleaners, the 10 lb Plan is perfect for linens, underwear, t-shirts, etc. If you skip a week completely, you get twice your weekly amount the next time you use the service. The unused pounds from an order do not roll over. If you need more than your plan allows, you can change your plan anytime, or we’ll simply charge $1.50 per pound if you need more in a week. Bags are weighed when dry and lightest.


A: At home, these clothes would go to a local dry cleaner. At college, the laundry service ensures students don’t have to leave campus. With or without Bundled Service, the Campus Cleaners takes care of everything you would want to be returned on hangers. College is a difficult place to hang-dry anything, so you’ll simply wear these items a little more often between sending them to the Campus Cleaners. Each month we total up the dry-cleaned or laundered clothes and then charge by the item. Just like a local dry cleaner, charges only occur when the service is used.


A: Each student receives two nylon (bacterial resistant) bags: one Large bag for Bundled Service and one smaller bag for the Campus Cleaners. Everybody’s clothes are washed and dried separately, then packaged by hand before they are returned. Each bag (and order) is bar-coded and tracked through every step of our care process. You may go online and see it every step of the way.

A: You will receive an email with details on where to pick up your laundry bags during move-in. Service begins when classes start.

Campus attendants are waiting to take dirty clothes or return clean ones to you at designated drop-off/pick-up locations. You may use whichever truck you wish, but the truck will be closest to your residence hall a couple of days each week. The exact times and truck locations are posted online, so once you know your residence hall, you can check it out. You might live in a residence hall with a Drop Spot; if so, there’s a spot you can drop off and pick up orders in your residence hall.

A: Like your meal plan or class registration, you pay for your Bundled Plan at the beginning of the semester during registration. Your use of the Campus Cleaners and any of your extra Bundled Service is totaled monthly and charged to the credit card provided when registering. A Usage Summary is emailed to both students and parents monthly.

Local Storage


Campus Crates was founded by students for students. We are a proud Texas-based business that is student-run and partnered directly with The UPS Store.

Looking for a hassle-free move-out? We provide summer storage, moving, and shipping services. We give you free boxes for all of our services, pick up your items, and deliver them to your new residence. Your belongings will be handled by TCU student entrepreneurs and stored in our climate-controlled facility.


College Truckers is a student-run, full-service storage and shipping service, offering free & unlimited packing supplies delivered to your door, no-fee pricing, and extremely flexible service dates. Your items are handled strictly by TCU students at every step of the process. Your storage will be secured locally in a fully climate-controlled facility, and they can ship domestically or internationally.

TCU is not responsible for any items lost, destroyed, or damaged. These companies are all privately owned and operated. Contact information is provided only as a courtesy to TCU students. No other companies will be approved to be on-campus or in the residence halls.

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