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Helpful Links and Updates: 

Fall 2019 Move-In Times
Please review our Move-In page for move-in groups, dates, time and more information. Move-In times cannot be changed. Ground floor rooms begin with 0 and first floor rooms begin with 1.  Odd rooms end in an odd number and even rooms end in an even number (ex. Foster 101-2 is an odd room because the room number ends in an odd number. The -2 is the bed space and not the room number.)

Fall 2019 Incoming Freshmen Housing Waitlist Request Form
Please complete this form if you would like to request a room change or if you need a room assignment. You will have the option to rank your top three hall and room type preferences. Each member of your roommate group must complete this form before your accommodation will be considered. Please note that this form is not required if you have a completed housing assignment. It is simply to provide our office with additional information. All incoming freshmen will receive a room assignment. 

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Meal Plan Information
Meal plan selection is available on your housing application portal. Fall meal plans begin Sunday, August 18. Select campus retail locations will be open prior to this date. Cash and cards are accepted at all retail locations. 

♦ Fall 2019 Incoming First-Year Housing Information: Application Open

Commuter Dining Information
Sign up for a Commuter Dining plan via my.tcu.edu under Student Services.