Residence Halls

TCU residence halls create the communities in which students live, study and build friendships.  No matter what residence hall you call home, you’ll love the close-knit community and sense of belonging at TCU.

Mailing Items to Campus

All US Postal, FedEx, UPS, etc. must be delivered to the resident’s TCU PO Box. Please visit for PO Box rental information.

Flower arrangement and similar deliveries may be sent to the students’ residence hall address listed below. See the format below to use to ensure proper delivery.

Due to COVID-19, Housing and Residence Life has updated its Perishable Delivery Protocol:

  • Companies that are delivering perishable items (flowers, edible arraignments, cookies) will call the receiving student, in order to deliver items to them directly.
  • If the company cannot reach the student, our Desk Assistant will be able to accept the delivery between the times of 12:30pm-4:30pm, Monday – Friday. In order to deliver the item to a Desk Assistant, the delivery person will need to be wearing a mask. The number for each residence hall desk is located on the front door, and the numbers differ by hall.
  • No external vendors will be permitted in the residence halls, which includes lobby and desk spaces. If an outside vendor tailgates into the hall, they will be asked to leave immediately and we will not accept the perishable item.
  • GrandMarc: perishables can be delivered between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays to the Leasing Office (2855 W. Bowie St). The front desk will call the resident to inform of the arrival of the perishable package and that they may pick it up during office hours. If the resident doesn’t answer, they also send them an email as well.
  • Village East: The mail is delivered through the app “Fetch” where residents set up a free account and can schedule delivery times for their packages when they are home.

Select the hall below for more information including pictures and descriptions.
Please note that exact dimensions vary in every hall.

First Year Residence Halls

Clark Hall - First Year
2950 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Colby Hall - First Year
3200 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Foster Hall - First Year
3100 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Milton Daniel Hall - First Year
3205 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Moncrief Hall - First Year
2909 Stadium Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Samuelson & Carter Hall TCU

Samuelson & Carter Hall - First Year
3202 & 3102 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Sherley Hall - First Year
3205 West Cantey Street, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Waits Hall

Waits Hall - First Year
3105 West Cantey Street, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Mixed Classification Residence Halls

King & Wright Hall

King & Wright Hall - Mixed Classification
3204 & 3104 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Marion & PE Clark Halls - Mixed Classification
3600 Pond Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Upperclassmen Residence Halls

Grand Marc TCU

GrandMarc Apts. – Upperclassmen
2855 W Bowie Street, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Hays Hall

Hays Hall - Upperclassmen
3550 Pond Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Richards and Arnold Halls

Richards & Arnold Halls - Upperclassmen
3432 & 3412 Pond Drive Fort Worth, TX 76129

Tom Brown Pete Wright

Tom Brown/Pete Wright Apts. - Upperclassmen
3107 Main Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

FSL Women's Hall - Upperclassmen
3516 Pond Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Junior and Senior Housing

Sandage/McCart Apts. - Juniors & Seniors
Sandage & McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Village East Apartments

Village East - Juniors & Seniors
2737 Merida Ave #107 Fort Worth, TX 76109